See what our participants are saying about the Do Tank!

Do Tank enabled me to connect with a ragtag team of “Do-ers” and collaboratively address a real world issue in my neighborhood. As someone who designs mostly digital experiences, I appreciated the opportunity to apply the Human Centered Design process to develop and produce a public popup experience. The insights from our research, prototypes and iterations continue to inform my work. In addition, I now have a network of friends where I know we can make things happen.
— LaTeisha Moore
I enjoyed the learning environment immensely at Miles Do Tank! We are taught the fundamental principles of design thinking by dedicated professionals in the field. We are given the opportunity to collaborate with our peers and to apply our learnings to solve real-life social issues. I recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining hands-on knowledge of human centered design and passionate about making the world a better place.
— Alison Jeng
I joined Do Tank because I wanted to build experience in user-centered design. Do Tank gave me more than that. It challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and connected me with people who are now my friends.
— Alisha Austin
The DoTank was a great experience working with so many passionate people from different backgrounds. Through collaboration with a diverse team I was able to expand my skillset as a UX Designer and experiment with creating physical artifacts and experiences. The practice over theory approach allowed everybody on the team to learn quickly and get a feel for the process. Pairing a pressing cause to the process really helped catalyze the team and added an extra level of enjoyment when breakthroughs were made. I’m truly looking forward to staying involved with DoTank through future iterations.
— Jason Grant