The Do Tankers started with an intensive weekend focused on discovery and  ideation. They learned key concepts of design thinking, ethnographic research, and basic creative prototyping. The weekend included a combination of lectures, workshops, field work, team work and individual sessions.



We invited a range of design experts and subject matter experts to guide the participants throughout the process: 

  • Chris Chavez, Co-Founder, Prime Produce
  • Anne-Laure Fayard, Associate Professor, NYU School of Engineering
  • Eric Ho, Founder & Designer, MILES
  • Lee-Sean Huang, Co-Founder & Designer, FOOSSA
  • Chris Milne, Senior Prototyper, IDEO New York
  • Josh Trehaft, Designer, Arup Foresights; Founder, Salvage Supperclub
  • Margaret Tung, Co-Founder & CEO, Pare-Up
  • Wenjay Ying, Founder, Local Roots CSA



Research, through observation, interaction and interviews, is a key part of the program. The Do Tankers went to different local locales to document and draw insights on how food is composted, how markets reduce food waste, and who the potential target audiences would be for their prototypes.




From expert led sessions on Permission to Prototype and Agile Prototyping, the Do Tankers learned different ways to produce fast and agile prototypes that are ready to be tested in the real world. Iteration is emphasized throughout the program-- participants gather feedback from real users and adjust as they move forward.



The Do Tankers refined their mission to "Educate NYC dwellers of how to better compost" and produced a pop-up experience called "Zero Food Waste Pop-up." The 5-day pop-up shop included an exhibition on composting and local practitioners were invited in to lead educative workshops. 

Link to the pop-up website