The Do Tank guides participants as they use design thinking methodologies to tackle local issues with global relevance.

  • Design Thinking: a human-centered approach that integrates the needs of people and design, for creative problem solving and innovation
  • Lean startup: a scientific process for building products, services and companies based on validated learning, customer development and minimal viable product experiments
  • Prototyping: a minimum viable approach to present and test the content, function, and experience of emerging new concepts, ideas, products, or services, and to gather support

The course focuses on applied learning and collaborative co-creation, it is well suited for design thinking beginners and veterans alike. Participants will leave the program with a toolkit of holistic methods for putting ideas into action.

Specifically, participants can expect to...

  • learn and develop design-thinking skills
  • learn by doing: put the Human-centered Design process into practice with a real world challenge
  • learn how to conduct more effective interviews
  • develop your storytelling skills
  • learn the basics of lean startup methodology and get out of the building with actionable experiments
  • put your ideas into action and share your prototypes with the world
  • produce a project from start to finish
  • create local impact
  • connect with a collaborative cohort of DO-ers
  • practice iterative prototyping