The miLES Do Tank is an action-oriented design thinking course, tied to a challenge to translate learnings into local impact. In collaboration with Foossa, MakeshiftNYU Design for America, and Tenement Museum, the Do Tank cultivates a group of people with varied skillsets to work together on a real-world issue, from collaborative ideation to collaborative creation.

This 14-weeks program for young professionals and graduate students is facilitated by experts from Foossa, IDEO, Makeshift, NYU Design for America, miLES and more. With their support, Do Tank participants are guided through a design process which goes through the phases of research and discovery, ideation and prototyping. In addition to course materials, weekly meetings, and mentorship, the cohort of Do Tank Participants will be given a shared stipend of $1K plus access to a NYC storefront for a week, which can be leveraged to produce a pop-up experience that shares their prototype and engages the public for feedback.

The Do Tank will meet about once every week throughout different locations in New York City for 14 weeks starting from February 19, 2016. 



  • hone your design-thinking skills
  • learn by doing: put the Human-centered Design process into practice 
  • level up on your research skills (ethnographic / observational / empathetic research)
  • learn how to conduct effective interviews
  • develop your storytelling skills
  • put your ideas into action
  • produce a project from start to finish
  • learn more about immigration
  • create local impact 
  • connect with a collaborative cohort of DO-ers
  • build your portfolio
  • practice prototyping
  • produce a pop-up in an NYC storefront
  • receive mentorship

*You can find more info about benefits and learnings here.


Borders, lines, fences, migration, immigration. Around the world, and right here in NYC, a city shaped by people from every corner of the globe, lines continue to be drawn between “us” and “them,” even when “they” are part of “us”. How can we create an inclusive community that recognizes and appreciates the stories and contributions of our neighbors, regardless of where they come from? How can we encourage inclusive communities? 

How might we break down boundaries and foster connection?

The beneficiary organization for this Do Tank cohort is one that is already working to address this challenge, The Tenement Museum. Through their Your Story, Our Stories initiative they are working to provide a "non-political framework in which to analyze how immigration and migration have shaped American culture and society." The Tenement museum will support Do Tank participants by sharing insights and resources on the topic of immigration, and stands to benefit from the efforts, ideas and prototypes that participants put forward. 

Through partnering with the Tenement Museum, the participants’ prototypes have the potential to live on and be incorporated into the museum’s ongoing programming.



We were inspired by the OpenIDEO approach of activating citizens' idea through challenges that tackle social problems around the world. The Do Tank is an effort to encourage more physical action, beyond the ideation phase. We aim to help move ideas into prototypes that can potentially be implemented with local organizations. The Do Tank itself was first prototyped in Fall 2015, in partnership with OpenIDEO and NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Along with instructors from FOOSSA, NYU, IDEO, and miLES, we mocked up a curriculum that combines Design Thinking, Prototyping, Lean Startup, and Pop-up Experience as the Do Tank Educational Program. 

This is the 2nd iteration of the program and we would love to continue the experimental and prototypical approach of working with design-centric and socially-minded individuals to create local impact. 



  • Launching Feb 19 (FRI) 
  • Two intensive weekend workshops, Feb 20 - 21
    + Mar 5 - 6
  • Biweekly weeknight classes
  • Biweekly weeknight work sessions
  • Popup Demo at a Storefront May 16 - 23
  • the schedule is tailored for busy professionals with day-time jobs


  • $950 for the 14 Weeks hands-on design-thinking course
  • discounts for early-bird
  • scholarships available


  • 1/23 - applications open
  • 1/31 - early bird deadline
  • 2/8 - general deadline